Our Vision

We want our patients to be able to step confidently into the future, pain-free.


To be the best orthopedic foot and ankle specialist in the Bay Area by providing outstanding personalized care from the moment each patient contacts our office through the end of treatment.

Our Values

We believe in treating our patients well, both medically and personally. We respect the individuality of each patient and recognize the importance of collaboration and communication in achieving the best outcome.


Dr. Lucille Andersen

“I love being a foot and ankle doc.  Every day is different.  I see young kids all the way to 90+ year old people, but my goal is the same – Keep everybody doing what they want to do, pain-free!”

In addition to the routine foot maladies, Dr. Andersen utilizes her engineering and medical degrees to treat the complex biomechanics of the foot and ankle system.  Her experience on the teaching faculty at a major medical center has given her broad exposure to the extremes of foot and ankle problems- mangled limbs from high speed car crashes, severely degenerated joints from diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis as well as chronic wounds and ulcers. 

 Dr. Andersen begins with the non-operative care using the latest techniques in physical therapy and bracing.  If that is not successful she will move on to operative intervention using tried and true as well as innovative procedures to achieve optimal outcomes.  All of this is done as a collaborative effort with the patient, assuring the treatment plan is in agreement with the patient’s wishes.




Meet Dr. Andersen

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Step confidently into the future, pain-free

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